T H E  G O O D  A P P L E

it all starts from the core

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My creativity and desire to share started out at a young age. Friends and family often remind me of when I would gift elaborate cards and poems despite the event - everybody from bus drivers to best friends - If you were anybody, you would receive a token of my creativity.

Over the years my sharing seeds were planted - I grew an interest in business, marketing and operations and enrolled myself in advance math classes. I began selling my artwork and hanging pieces in local coffee shops. I took up a personal yoga and movement practice. After graduating from business school in 2015, I took my left and right brained interests to Boston, Massachusetts, and the roots continue to guide my journey today.
This website is a culmination of the years and moldings of my brand identity - here to share my creativity and healing with the world. I am honored to write here that I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master. I create and sell custom artwork day in and day out while continuing to consult for small-to-medium sized businesses across New England. I currently am pursuing all things innovation, movement, and healing, whether it be on a screen, canvas or yoga mat. 
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