Community Healing

The Vision

We are all on our own self-healing journeys. The Good Apple community healing sessions are deeply profound and allow for connection both inside and out. Sessions, no matter the event, allow for us to hold space for others while continuing to walk our own paths. We strive to offer a safe and inclusive environment for all those who are interested in attending a community healing session. We look forward to being with you. 

Session Offerings

All community healing sessions will include a combination of the below offerings. Some details are subject to change due to calendar, time of day/night, and weather. 

Pending weather, some sessions may be held outdoors and warmed by a gentle bon fire. This way we can all absorb the warmth as necessary. After class the fire will provide light for any sharing or bonding one may partake in. 

By following the lunar calendar, we begin to understand how the different phases influence us; mind, body and spirit. We harness the moon's energy to do many things such as lift us up, ground down into the universe, and more to be explored in our sessions.

Every session will incorporate the ancient healing art of Reiki. As a conduit, I will channel the healing energy from the source and flow it through my hands into different spaces during the session. This will include gentle touch or hovering of my hands over specific chakras and nadis.

Sound therapy via singing bowls, drums and other instruments has been practiced for thousands of years. Sound vibrations are known to help realign the body's energetic centers, improve mental health issues and emotional wellbeing, or even ward help with sleep and deep rest. 

While the majority of sessions will be sitting or laying in a comfortable position, there will be some gentle stretching at the start and end to ensure proper headspace. Don't worry - we will not be balancing upside down or breaking a sweat!