Marketing Automation and Operations PRofessional.

Services offered at an hourly rate


HubSpot and Inbound Marketing certified
Lead funnel routing
Demand generation tracking
Database management
Integration management
Email execution and reporting

Demand Generation

Google AdWords, Google Analytics
Content SEO/keyword audits
Site landing pages
Paid & organic social campaigns
Monthly and quarterly audits


Rachel is a true problem solver, with impeccable attention to detail. Rachel was instrumental in several initiatives to scale the business which included: optimizing lead processes, integrating Salesforce and HubSpot, and establishing a process to integrate referral leads from the platform with HubSpot. Rachel also contributed to MQL goals through email campaigns, paid advertising strategies, SEO, and other digital tactics. 

Kelly Sonnenshein, Global Marketing Manager, Innovasea

Rachel is a gifted well-rounded driven marketer with a rare combination of analytical and creative thinking skills that you don't normally find in the workforce. I was fortunate to work with her at two different companies that showcased her growth and potential as a professional. We've collaborated on building an on-boarding program with the goal of customer adoption/retention in mind to create trackable milestones both internally and externally to gauge the health of our new customers leading to positive renewals.

Not only has she exceeded in her role professional but personally, Rachel might be one of the most kind-hearted people that you'll ever get the chance to work with. Her creativity helps blossom ideas within and outside of work always focusing on others and their growth toward success. 

Randy Tow, Customer Success Manager, Uberflip

Rachel epitomizes the mindset, work ethic, and communication skills needed in order to thrive in a startup marketing environment. Rachel was a major asset for our Sales Team in setting up key systems such as Hubspot, making it easier for our organization to work quickly and efficiently. She was also able to wear multiple hats to support and execute projects to increase lead flow and make sense of all our important customer data. Not to mention she is the best team player - composed, thoughtful, confident, understanding and helpful. 

Chris Ziomek, VP Sales, Promoboxx